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It may be a caravan, but it’s no ordinary caravan! We just had to feature the Sealander, as it looks like a brilliant idea (someone set up a hire company now).
“Enjoy your free time with the SEALANDER, an innovative mobile home with amphibian characteristics. Just hitch the SEALANDER up and go. Enjoy an unrestricted ride, for when you arrive ashore the journey hasn’t ended, it has only just begun”.
Thanks to the integrated waterproof chassis the SEALANDER can be let into water without need of a boat slip or trailer system. The width of the lower shell provides stability and a secure position on water. Because of the modest draught you can explore even shallow waters. The low-emission electric motor permits license free access to most inland waters. The rechargeable battery of the outboard engine also supplies electricity to the interior living area and can easily be recharged from the towing vehicle during the journey on land.
In just one step the tarpaulin roof can be converted into an open top, closed again with press studs or removed completely. Then you are free to sunbathe, watch the stars, listen to the birds in the morning hours or cast a line; no matter whether on land or on water.
The opening of the broad entrance hatch is supported by two hydraulic cylinders. When opened the entrance area remains covered with sufficient headroom to enable comfortable use of the cooking and washing-up unit.
As a result of the intelligent design of the interior the small surface area can be put to optimal use. The interior equipment can be adjusted or removed completely according to your requirements and the seating converted into a spacious sleeping area. The cooking and washing-up unit are located in front of the seating area together with the cooler and the heater.
The patented lever bar system located on the foredeck combines easy handling with numerous possible uses. To ensure a stable position on land the hitch can be placed upon the lowered bars, replacing the support wheel normally used with trailers. Now the horizontal bar serves as a step when entering the deck.
Whilst on water the bars are folded upwards and stabilized. They then function as a railing at the front of the boat providing stability and protection.
When going swimming the bars can be folded downwards and extended to be used as a ladder into the water.
Tech Spec
Overall length 389cm
Length without shaft 356cm
Width 160cm
Height 185cm
Weight 380kg
Sleeping area 156 x 200cm


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